This is Your Next Chapter; 
Let's Make it an Awesome Adventure! 

Life Coaching with Leia

A new kind of life coach is here! Yes I'll help you figure your shit out, yes I have a ton of life experience and practical training, but I will not kid glove and coddle you; not here. I'm by no means a drill sergent, but I will not support the "poor me" syndrom, the phrase "I can't", trauma dumping, excuses, or an un-willingness to try.

While I believe immensely in the Law of Attraction and creating the life you dream of yourself, you HAVE to put in the work. Yes, you can attract and manifest the tools and opportunities to you, but what you do with those when they land in your lap is on you.

My style of life coaching is a hybrid of your best friend, your spiritual advisor, and your coach through life's bullshit. Together we can conquor almost anything, you just have to be willing to do the work; if you've got that, then I've got you. Let's Thelma and Louise this shit! =)

If you are not open spiritually or don't believe in the Law of Attraction that's totally cool, but I'm also probably not the ideal coach for you. I will incorporate the LOA throughout our sessions and I'll probably suggest some things that a non-spiritual person may find odd. If you trust me and trust the process then together we will get you further than you ever dreamed in whatever situation or scenario you're trying to navigate or work through.